Welcome on 2067,

2067 is a Net.art project developped by David Guez that proposes to send an email message in the future via Internet.

The concept being simple, 2067 actually focuses on its consequences : waiting, memory and correspondence but also on the aspect of relativity of our conscience towards time and Others.

The Process

The sending of an e-mail in the future does adress to the correspondant a notification's email.

Then, the message is store on internet until the good date and delivered to the correspondant.

In the case this one has changed of email adress, it will be possible for him to read his message on the web site using either a password or a mnemotechnic key (via this form).

Ameliorations for coming versions

- It will be possible to send a vocal message or an image in the future.

- The improvement of mnemotechnic strategies will make possible not to specify the correspondant’s email adress.

- New options, for example, one giving choice not to send a notification to the correspondant . This one therefore does not have the knowledge in present time that a message will be sent to him in the future.

- A « plugin» version that would make possible the sending of a message through a blog or from one’s reader’s e-mail desk.

The « Hypermoi» concept

The web is the working model in process of our univers in which space, time and memory, as well as the dynamical process of evolution proper to any organism are forming all together a complex system of relations, that is, in fine something one could call an « intelligence ».

This very special intelligence might be different from ours regarding to its capacity of organizing its time on a dynamical and parallels ways instead of a chronological one.

Plunging into the entrails of an abstract form that possesses our secrets, our desires as well as our relations to the others and therefore is the more acute and useful witness of our social evolution might then be a way - de facto - of plunging into the unknown of our consciousness.

We can therefore ask ourselves whether this intelligence would not be able to give us some clues regarding the fundamental questions of human being as a child building his identity reflects ours.

The fact of playing with time and correspondence by sending a message in the future is a way of beginning some sort of correspondence in which desire and waiting will play their part and even may be the anguish of an Unknown out of ourselves and therefore out of control.

What shall one answer to the past ? Especially if this past is now itself out of control ? What conclusion shall one draw of this revelation ?


The web being a kind of temporarily space in which invisible kind of interactions take place by the mean of meetings with shadows, these "phantoms" being ourselves, ourselves at different times of our lives.

Answering a phantom that is answering one’s self by laying one more message to an unknown adress in time to another one’s self in a few years and therefore generate a weird kind of correspondence from a spirit to another spirit through place, time and period.

How shall one continue this correspondence if one does not free himself of the notion of time ? And much more than a « daily time » question, it is here a question related to one’s analysis of his own experience and what it provoked through the time that has passed by since a « dated question ».

We now have to experience and understand the consequences of these new forms of correspondences and go further in the propositions of the «HYPERMOI.NET», this "I" or "Ego" related to the net, this  "Moi-network".


Through the setting of this project, many discussions with friends have generated questions that I answer to in this FAQ paragraph. The debate is still open and I invite you if you wish to participate by filling out the formular attached to this file that will become a forum in the next versions of the site.

The evolution of the project ?
Sending a mail in 50 years ! How to be sure of the today’s choices for tomorrow ? Shall we choose a database to store the informations or instead choose to make of every message an independant item that will duplicate itself until it appears to the correspondant?

The question of encryption?
Shall we encrypte the messages to prevent any intrusion ? In this case, where shall we put the crypting 'key ? Inside the message itself ? How can we be sure that the encryption's algorythm will still be effective in a few years from now ? Until what point can we prevent the non-dissolution of the message in the net’s accidents.

The question of memory ?
How can we keep track of the sender of the message ? How to be sure that his email won’t change or disappear ? The ideal solution would be to make the message reachable from any search engines.
A next amelioration of 2067 would therefore be the possibility to send a message to someone in the future without specifying any mail adress given that the message will float (propagate) in the net and appear in several search engines at a choosen time.

Why is Internet important in this project ?
We are more and more enclined to use Internet and to correspond and share with others through networks. The net thus would already be an analytic mirror of our fears, fantaisies, desires and habbits. One shall say some kind of giant book of our own functionning in which the informations concerning us, human beings, would evoluate through such a chaotic form !

And after ?
In a non so far future the net could become a kind of additional human organ. It is not science fiction to imagine that this new kind of organ might be integrated inside the human body as a module relating « Us » to the « Others ». I personnaly imagine a RFID Google Mind , a chip integrated inside our body that would be able to instantly answer any kind of question.
What about the 2067 project then ? A message from the past appears instantly to our mind… this sounds like telepathy , that kind of telepathy that has to do with present time (a RFID tchat session) and differed time. At this point, we can even try to describe some kind of a new consciousness in which the net would be the guardian of fewer informations that would release themselves on different levels that we would (or not) decide… And one can imagine the horrors of these type of processes…

To Be Continued...

Merci à Julie pour la traduc :)